CNC Routed Products: CNC Routing

ABS Cases use CNC Flatbed Routing machines to produce the highly accurate timber and foam used in the manufacture of our precision engineered flight cases.

CNC’s are used to manufacture the internal timber partitioning and dividers used in the manufacture of case internals. They also are used in producing the foam inserts with the intricate cut-outs that house items such as guitars, microphones or fine small components. We also use the CNC to route logos or lettering onto items such as removable dividers used in touring trunks. We can send you a computer drawing so you can see first-hand the layout of the foam or timber panel before it is run in the factory.

The CNC is used extensively in making some of the larger foam inserts for moving light fixtures that are not a specialist SIP Insert.

We can also produce CNC programs from most CAD drawings you may be able to supply.

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